Lough Derravaragh

Lough Derravaragh, sometimes known as Donore Lake, covers an area of about 3,000 acres. This long, shallow lake is best known through its association with the Irish legend of The Children of Lir. In this legend, Lir’s three daughters and one son were transformed into swans in a fit of jealously by Lir’s wife Aoife and the children were condemned to live as swans on Lough Derravaragh for 300 years.

Lough Derravaragh is also known as one of Ireland’s most important inland lakes for wintering waterfowl. Nationally important populations of Little Grebe, Mute Swan, Tufted Duck and pochard occur. It is a popular roosting site for Greenland White-fronted Goose, and also supports shoveler, Golden Plover, lapwing, wigeon, mallard and cormorant.

Children of Lir Illustrations
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