State Agencies

Environmental Protection Agency

  • EPA Climate Change Programme:
    The Climate Change Programme is responsible for management of the Kyoto Protocol Mechanisms, GHG Emission Inventories, Climate Change Research and Emissions Trading.
  • Green Business
    Businesses are offered free advice on how to improve their energy efficiency. A Waste Audit Tool and a Water Audit Tool are available online to help businesses identify areas that need most focus.
  • Green Hospitality Award (GHA):
    This award is given to hospitality businesses that show leadership in environmental management and are taking action to reduce their carbon footprint. Business can then carry the GHA symbol.
  • Local Authority Prevention Network:
    Local Authorities can apply for grants towards projects that aim to prevent waste in households, businesses and public-sector organisations within their area. Grants can also be used to provide information and guidance to other Local Authorities, to carry out measurements of the effectiveness of their initiatives, and to carry out case studies.

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