Much of our improved health status is due to safer and healthier food. Food is an important cog in the health and wellbeing sphere, and a reduction in the prevalence of food-borne infections by improved compliance with national and EU legislation is critical. Legislation governing everything from Organic Foodstuffs to Food Additives and Food Hygiene to Contamination of Foodstuffs can be found here.

Food choices are also critical to health and wellbeing. People from less affluent groups are less likely to participate in moderate to-high levels of physical exercise, and are more likely to eat fried foods (Healthy Ireland, 2013). In Healthy Ireland, detailed indicators and targets for public health threats are developed in the Outcomes Framework. These focus on an all-hazards, risk-based approach and response.

From an environmental point of view, food is very much influenced by regulations governing areas such as biodiversitywater and the built environment.

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