Rainforests of the World

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  • Geography: The Full Story

The rainforests of the world are found north and south of the Equator. Only 6% of the Earth is covered in rainforests, yet over half the world’s species of animals and plants are found in this beautiful habitat.   Rainforests are a hot, humid and wet place. This precious environment is in danger. The destruction of the rainforest is called deforestation. Rainforest trees are cut down for wood or to clear land for farming.  

Rainforest of the World

Uses of the Rainforest

  • The rainforest is home to many different people with their own unique customs and traditions.  

  • The rainforest is home to so many unique animals and plants.  

  • The plants in the rainforest produce much of the Earth’s oxygen that we need to survive.  

  • Over one quarter of the world’s medicine needed to help fight diseases and illnesses come from the plants found in the rainforest.