Food and nourishment

Double Feeding Trough

Cleverly positioned within the stone stonewall this double feeding trough provides water to animals in both fields on a farm in Bauck, County Carlow. While this trough is distinctly functional it is also part of the rich heritage of Carlow. 

Porcelain fungus

The porcelain or poached egg fungus(Oudemansiella mucida) can be found growing on the trunks of beech trees, often high up and in groups. This edible species (edible after it has been washed to remove gluten) can be found from late summer to late autumn.

Peacock butterfly

The caterpillar of the peacock butterfly like many other butterflies feed on nettles, while the adults suck the nectar of flowers such as the knapweed on which the peacock is resting. The underside of the peacock's wings is dark brown, which helps to hide them when they settle on tree trunks.

Case Studies

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