Toys from the 1950s

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Clockwork Toys from the 1950s

Let's look at some toys that were popular in the 1950s in Ireland. Many of them look different from the toys you play with today. Can you think of any reason why toys may have changed in the past fifty years?

These days, many toys run on batteries or electricity. For example, remote control cars can whizz around a room at great speeds and many dolls can talk and cry.

In the 1950s, clockwork toys were popular. Take a look at the toy giraffe in this picture. Can you see the key in its side? When the key is turned the giraffe's tail twirls around.

Clockwork toys have a mechanism inside, which is activated when you turn the key.

This clockwork teddy bear is covered in soft fabric. He is carrying a drum. Can you see the key in his back? What do you think happens when you turn the key? In fact, the teddy bear plays the drum when the key is turned.

The Jack in the Box is a toy that has been popular for a long time and they can still be found in toy shops. Usually the 'Jack', a clown, is squashed inside a box and when the lid is opened it pops out. Sometimes, there is a handle on the outside of the box. When the handle is turned the box begins to play a melody, which is usually 'Pop Goes the Weasal'. When the music has finished, the clown pops out.