Tram Time-Table

The trams operated from 7.30 am to 11.00 pm every day including Sundays. The fares ranged from one penny to two pence, depending on the length of the journey. Later the fares were increased to three and a half pence but were reduced in the 1920s due to competition from Cork's early buses.

The cars were broadly similar in design, all being double-deckers, with some stylistic variations of detail among them. The colours of the trams were green with some cream or yellow under-panelling. One of the cars was a watering car which sprinkled water to keep down the dust along the track.

The system remained essentially unaltered from 1901 to 1931. The trams were an integral feature of Cork life, whether transporting families from the city to the 'seaside' at Blackrock or bringing hurling enthusiasts to matches at the old Cork Athletic Grounds. A number of Cork writers, including Frank O'Connor, refer to the trams in their works.

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