Malcomson's Ships

The SS Neptune

The first Waterford built steam ship was the SS Neptune, built in 1846. The SS Neptune was a 172 ft-long iron steamer weighing 326 tons. At the time it was the largest ship of its kind in Ireland.

The SS Neptune was build for the inauguration of the London to St. Petersburg service. The ship arrived to a great welcome. The mayor of St. Petersburg boarded her and as she steamed up the Neva, his Imperial Majesty Czar Nicholas saluted her from the state barge granting her freedom from all port dues for life.

The SS Cella

The S.S. Cella built in the Neptune Iron Shipyard in1862. The SS Cella was built at Neptune in 1861 and was at that time the largest ship built in Ireland. The SS Cella inaugurated the service on the London and New York SS Line on the 8th July 1863. This Line was owned by the Malcomson's Brothers.

After many years of service, the Cella was sold to new owners in 1887 and renamed the Sharki. The Cella was wrecked off Fennit Pier in County Clare on the 22nd December 1888.

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