The Name Laserian

The Saint's name is most commonly spelt Laserian or Lazerian in County Carlow. The forms Laisren or Molaise were found in the older manuscripts and occur for instance in The Book of Leinster and in The Calendar of Oengus.

The name Laisren comes from the Gaelic name for flame, usually "lasair". The Molaise form of the name derives from placing the personal Gaelic pronoun "Mo" ahead of the name Laisren and thus with the meaning "My Light".

Various other spellings can be found also, for instance Lasrain, Lasrianus, Molassi, Molassius. The Book of Leinster shows that Laisren and Molaise were common names in Celtic Ireland. Female versions were also to be found such as Lassara or Lasrea.

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