The West Gate

Guarding the western entrance to the town, at the end of O'Connell St., is the impressive West Gate. The current structure dates from 1831, having been built by a merchant called Joyce. The original building that stood before then was erected for defensive purposes, in order to keep the Norman town safe from the invasion of the Irish. The natives lived beyond the town's walls, and today the area of the town west of the Gate is known as "Irishtown". Despite the fact that they were not permitted to live within the town's walls, the Irish were, however, allowed into the Clonmel to trade at fairs and markets.

Recent Renovations

During the course of the last century the Gate fell into disrepair, prompting concerned locals to organise its restoration. It was re-roofed, the arches were re-enforced with steel beams and the floors were stabilised, also using steel. The east face of the gate carries a limestone plaque commemorating Clonmel born author Lawrence Stern, sculpted by Frances Dietrich in 1975.

Sources - JCC, "Clonmel & South Tipperary"; "Clonmel Heritage Trail"

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