Williams: St. Mochua and the Round Tower

Pdf Williams, Joe. St. Mochua and the Round Tower. Dublin: South Dublin Libraries, 2006.
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This book tells the history of the early monastic settlement at Clondalkin, of St Mochua and of Clondalkin Round Tower.

Clondalkin was a very important monastic settlement and its influence spread not just through the Clondalkin area but also through North Kildare where there are a number of monastic settlements attributed to St. Mochua. The coming of Christianity to Ireland and its spread by missionaries such as St. Kevin, St. Ciaran and St Mochua are explored.

Clondalkin Round Tower is the foremost National Monument in the Clondalkin area and is a well-known sight to all visitors to the area and for many years the Round Tower has featured on postcards of the area. This book helps to explain its origin and functions.

The author, Joe Williams, is a well-known local historian in the Clondalkin area and is an active member of Clondalkin History Society.

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