Old Kilcullen

Earlier on the 24 May, around 300 rebels had entrenched themselves in the old churchyard on top of the hill near Old Kilcullen. General Dundas was at his headquarters at nearby Castlemartin, with about 60 troops at his disposal - around 40 cavalry of the Romney Fencibles and the 9th Dragoons and around 20 infantry of the Suffock Fencibles.

At about 7 am, without waiting for the support of the infantry, the cavalry charged up the hill. Captains Erskine and Cooke and about 21 of their men were killed, with 10 more seriously wounded. Erskine it seems was thrown from his horse and broke his leg. An old woman who recognised him stabbed him to death with a rusty knife. Dundas forced his way to KilcullenBridge where he was joined by Captain Robert La Touche and 100 local Yeomen.

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