Higher Education

Traditionally the higher education system in Ireland has comprised the university sector, the technological sector and the colleges of education, all of which are autonomous and self-governing and are substantially funded by the State.   In recent years, a number of independent private colleges have developed.

The universities deal with undergraduate and post-graduate degree programmes together with basic and applied research. 

Name of group Name of Initiative Description of Initiative Contact Details
Dublin Institute of Technology

MSc in Sustainable Development


This course provides a broad knowledge and understanding of Sustainable Development including the issues, techniques, management and applications relevant to the living and working environment.  The course is divided into four clusters of modules and offers foundation modules in economics, sociology, data collection and analysis, public administration and law and sustainable resource management. www.dit.ie
Tipperary Institute BA in Rural Development Tipperary Institute has a special remit in promoting Sustainable Rural Development.  This Degree programme incorporates a mixture of social, environmental and business subjects which aim to give a broad understanding of the complex area of rural development.  www.tippinst.ie
American College

Module on Sustainable Business

A module on Sustainable Business is run by the American College, Dublin, as part of their BA degree programme in International Business.  The course aims to give students an understanding of the issues and concerns at the interface of business and sustainable development, and the wide range of initiatives being used internationally.  Topics include Environmental and Ecological Economics, Corporate Social Responsibility and Triple Bottom Line.

University College Dublin

MSc in Environmental Policy








PhD in Sustainable Development

This course provides students with essential knowledge about environmental sustainability, as well as policy and governmental frameworks for environmental measures. It equips students with the skills to apply such environmental measures through a policy orientated platform in their future careers. The course has an international focus on environmental issues that include topics on climate change, geopolitics, sustainability, equity, energy security and urban resilience etc.


A new PhD programme in Sustainable Development was launched in February 2007 and began in September 2007.  The programme is a new initiative by UCD Urban institute Ireland (UII) with support from three UCD schools - Architecture, Landscape and Civil Engineering and Geography.


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