Biodiversity, Conservation and Heritage

County Cork Biodiversity Action Plan 2009-2014

Cover of County Cork Biodiverstiy Action Plan 2009-2014
Courtesy of Cork County Council

The County Cork Biodiversity Action Plan provides a framework for the conservation of wildlife and nature in County Cork, representing an important link in the chain of global to national to local policy on biodiversity conservation issues. Our distinctive natural heritage is determined by a combination of our geology, our position on the South coast and the influence of those who have settled here. The overall aim of this plan is to conserve and enhance biodiversity and to ensure that every person in the county has the opportunity to appreciate and understand its importance in our lives.

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County Cork Heritage Plan 2005-2010

Stone Wall
Courtesy of Cork County Council

Co. Cork's rich and diverse heritage includes our countryside, woodlands, lakes, rivers, seas, offshore islands, ancient sites, villages and towns and the buildings that constitute them. It also includes our history, language, customs, folklore and traditions. These special elements of our landscape connect us to our identity and sense of place and belonging. "It includes every hump and hollow, stone and tree to which a story is connected." As our society and landscape changes, so does our heritage- it is a constantly evolving phenomenon which brings economic benefits in the form of tourism, as well as social and environmental benefits for the permanent residents, whether human, plant or animal. 

This plan seeks to find a balance between protecting our heritage and allowing for sustainable development of the environment in which it is embedded.

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The following lists cover areas in Co. Cork which have special designation in terms of our natural heritage. Click on a list below to see which areas are included under each designation.

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Gardens, Desmesnes and Estates

Walled Garden
Courtesy of Cork County Council

Increasing pressure for development within the grounds of old estates has become an important planning issue in Co. Cork. Large desmesnes are attractive for the development of new hotels and golf courses and are also under threat of subdivision for other puposes such as the development of housing estates. The production of this document has been in response to difficulties with formal protection mechanisms for desmesnes and historic gardens as well as a lack of guidance for both developers and planning authority staff in dealing with such sites during the planning process.

Pdf Historic gardens, desmesnes and their settngs
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