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The following Letters from the P. L. Commissioners were read viz. -

  • 1st Circular dated 3rd June 1854. No. 275. M/54. Particulars respecting the rates made and any new Rates agreed upon in the Union
  • 2nd Letter dated 10th June 1854. No. 19103. Requesting to be informed whether bread of a proper quality has been supplied by the Contractor since the 5th Inst.
  • 3rd Letter dated 10th June 1854. No. 19103. Forwarding a Form to fill up respecting the persons whom the Board of Guardians propose to assist to Emigrate.
  • 4th Letter dated 13th June 1854. No. 20053 - Acknowledging particulars respecting three paupers whom the Board of Guardians propose to assist to Emigrate.
  • 5th Letter dated 14th June 1854. Forwarding three copies of the Seventh Annual Report of the Commissioners.
  • 6th Copy of a Sealed Order dated 14th June 1854, No. 20053 consenting to Emigration Expenses for three paupers.
  • 7th Letter dated 5th June 1854 Relating to Vaccination.

Resolved that the Commissioners be requested to sanction the expenditure of the sum of Three Pounds in providing an outfit and paying a portion of the passage to Philadelphia of a child named Catharine Murray aged 6 years entered in the Register opposite to No. 3464, chargeable to the E. Division of Termon a portion of the childs passage 2 7 0 having

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been paid by its parents who live there, the Guardians desire to inform the Commissioners that it is proposed to send the above child in charge of Rose Doherty who has promised to take charge of her. -

That this Meeting do now adjourn till Monday the 3rd July at 11 o' clock AM.

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