The Boards of Guardians

First Meeting of the Milford Board of Guardians

30th Aug 1841

  • Names called Over
  • Members present,
  • Sir Jas. Stewart Bart.
  • John Law
  • Charles Ray
  • James Watt
  • Capt. R. Hay R.N.
  • John Sproule
  • Daniel Gregg
  • Andrew Patton
  • James Malseed
  • John C. Fullerton
  • James Hamilton
  • Samuel Henderson
  • Samuel Trilly
  • George Foster
  • Nathan Stewart
  • Colin Reid
  • Robert McElwane
  • William McEllhinny
  • George Denneston
  • James Hay
  • Humphrey Sheils
  • Robert Patton
  • Daniel McAtteer Jun.
  • Robert Hay
  • John Campbell
  • Hugh Gallagher,
  • Also C. G. Otway Esq. Assistant P.L. Comms.

Proposed by John Law Esq. and seconded by John Charles Fullerton Esq. and the whole Board that Sir James Stewart Bart. be elected Chairman of the Milford Board of Guardians.
Passed Unanimously

Proposed by Captain Hay and seconded by Robert Patton Esq. that John Law Esq. be elected Vice Chairman.
Passed Unanimously

Proposed by Mr. Daniel Gregg that John Sproule Esq. be elected Vice Chairman; it should be Deputy Vice Chairman - On Mr. Sproule's declining to act, it was proposed by Mr. Sproule and seconded by Andrew Patton Esq. that Jas Watt Esq. be elected Deputy Vice Chairman.
Passed Unanimously.

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