Edgeworthstown House Today

Edgesworthstown House Today

Edgeworthstown House remained in the hands of the Edgeworth family until the 1930s. Its last Edgeworth occupant was Professor Francis Ysidro. It was sold in 1935 by Mrs. C.F. Montagu (whose mother was an Edgeworth) for £3,000 together with 200 acres of land.

Its purchaser was a Mr. Bernard Noonan, originally born near Edgeworthstown and having made his fortune in New York dealing in real estate. Perhaps his greatest achievement was his construction of Noonan Plaza, a mammoth apartment house at 105 West 168th St., New York, which was described as one of the most modern and artistically finished buildings of its type in America. He attempted to bring his building expertise to Edgeworthstown house, partially renovating it and installing some modern conveniences.

In 1939 however, the house has yet another change in its fortunes when it was presented by Mr. Noonan together with fifty acres of land to the Sisters of Mercy. Certain conditions meant that they could not take possession until 1947, by which time the house, despite previous renovations was in an advanced state of dilapidation. The house was converted into what is now Our Lady's Nursing Home. Its new purpose meant of course a lot of original features were lost with extensive changes to its interior and also to its gardens over the past sixty years.

We must remember however that despite these changes the house now serves a useful purpose and unlike other literary big houses such as Coole of Lady Gregory and Bowenscourt of Elizabeth Bowen it has not been completely demolished. In fact it occupies as elevated a position in the community of county Longford today as it always has and hopefully will continue to do so in the future.

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