The Early Edgeworths

The family of Edgeworths first appeared in Ireland about the year 1585, having their origin in a market town named Edgeworth in Middlesex. In 1619 approximately 600 acres of land which had been confiscated from the O'Farrells were granted to Francis Edgeworth in the neighbourhood of what was then called Mostrim by James I. Francis was then succeeded by two Johns, Protestant Frank, who fought at Aughrim and Limerick, and Richard MP, who married Jane Lovell in 1732. Richard was father to Richard Lovell Edgeworth, who we will discuss in detail in another section of the site.

It was Richard Edgeworth MP who built Edgesworthstown House in the early eighteenth century. At the time of its inital construction it consisted of 2 storeys over a basement, with two adjoining fronts, a prominent roof and detailed cornicing. Other features included small windows, low wainscoted rooms complete with heavy cornices.

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