The Luttrell Family

The Luttrell family occupied Luttrellstown for nearly 450 years. The first Luttrell connected with Ireland was Sir Geoffrey, a supporter of King John. There is a tradition that King John stayed at Luttrellstown Castle, and parts of the castle could indeed be that ancient. From Geoffrey descend the Luttrells of Dunster Castle, Somersetshire, who also owned the Isle of Lundy in the Bristol Channel and had estates at Carhampton in Somerset and Irnham in Lincolnshire. The Irish Luttrells were a distinguished family for generations but sadly some members of the family brought the name into disrepute, and the name of Luttrell in the barony is remembered more for the negative influences of these black sheep than for the good associated with their earlier ancestors.

(Excerpt from Candle in the Window by Jim Lacey)

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