The Black Coach

There is a local tradition in the district around Abbeyleix that a coach drawn by four black horses travels along the road from the Demesne in Abbeyleix along by the Blackhill, on through Tunduff and Raheenabrogue, and on to Larchfield.

Some years ago there was a certain family living in the Blackhill who were always wishing to see the mysterious coach. They made various attempts to find out if this was a fact, but never succeeded. In the end, they decided to leave a large lamp with a white shade lighting in one of the upper windows of the house, and this light would shine on the road beneath, and they lay in waiting and could not avoid to see the coach passing by.

They waited long, and had almost given up as a bad job when the clock struck twelve, and the lamp was smashed in pieces and flew in tiny bits about the house. The occupants were terrified, and never again attempted to look out for the coach.

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