Young Waterford Officer Killed in Action

The Waterford News - 14th of September 1917, Page 7

Young Waterford Officer Killed in Action
Courtesy of The Waterford News

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We deeply regret to learn that Lieut. James Love, 1st Munsters, previously reported missing, is now reported killed.
The circumstances of his last engagement are tragic in the extreme. Another Waterford officer, Lieut. George Hand, had just been speaking to him behind the lines, when a trench party was about to be relieved, and a few hours later learned that he had not turned up at mess. This was on August 17th, and since that date until now no tidings were to be had as to Lieut. Love's fate.
On Saturday morning his uncle, Mr. Stephenson (Messrs. J. Thornton and Son) received official notification from his regiment that his body was found and buried by the men of the 12th Highland Light Infantry, and his grave has been properly marked and identified. No definite particulars are to be had as to where he was found, but it is understood that it was where he was last seen, in the trenches near Ypres; he was at that time about three-quarters of a mile behind the first line trenches. The only thing that has been sent home belonging to him are his cheque book and his o fficer's advance book.
Lieutenant Love was engaged in the offices of Messrs. Graves and Co., Ltd., Waterford, for some years. He joined the army in January, 1915-the 23rd Battln. Royal Fusiliers, with whom he went to France in Novr., 1915. He was wounded in April, 1916; returned to the front in July, 1916, when he was attached to the 20th Batt. Royal Fusiliers. He went through a lot of the engagements on the Somme front in July, 1916, and following months, until October, when he was sent home to be trained for commissioned rank. He was attached to an Officers' Cadet Batt. at Trinity College, Cambridge, where he received his training, after which he was commissioned to the 1st Batt. Royal Munster Fusiliers. in March, 1917. In April last he went to France with his Battalion, and on 17th August was posted missing.

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