Car Travel

  • One litre of petrol used results in 2.36 kg of CO2 emitted to the atmosphere.
  • One litre of diesel used results in 2.68 kg of CO2 emitted to the atmosphere.
  • One litre of E85 blend bioethanol used results in approx. 1.04kg of CO2 emitted to the atmosphere (feedstock dependent).
  • Make sure that your car complies with emissions standards. Keep your car in good shape and take it for its required National Car Test. By complying with all EU and Irish emissions standards, you will be ensuring that your car is not producing more emissions than it should.
  • When your car needs to be replaced, buy a fuel efficient car, such as a hybrid or one that has a lower energy capacity . A fuel efficient car will not only save you money, but it will help you to reduce your carbon footprint. 
  • Many car companies are now starting to offer biodiesel, which is made from waste vegetable oil, as an option. Using biofuels will reduce your overall carbon emissions from driving, as they do not produce as much carbon as petrol or diesel. For more information on biodiesel, click here.  
  • Drive in a carbon-friendly manner. Ensure that your car is not weighed down with unnecessary items, such as trailers or bike racks. Keeping your boot empty and your roof clear will reduce fuel consumption and thereby limit your carbon emissions.

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