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  • Saint Brigid

There are many ways you can do extra research and investigate Co. Kildare further.

Your local library is an excellent source for all the information you may need.

There might be some more photographs or images related to Co. Kildare in the Media Bank.

Maybe you need some tips on how to be a researcher?  Click on one of the icons below.

Kildare County Council provides a detailed account of the association between St. Brigid and the county. Click here to find out more.

You can also learn more about traditions associated with St. Brigid, and the overall history of Kildare, by visiting the website of the Grey Abbey Conservation Project.

Ask Your Librarian or Teacher

Ask your librarian or teacher if they can help you find out about the history of Co. Kildare or your local area.

Information you can look out for includes photos and media publications, such as newspapers and tourism brochures, which may provide you with interesting insights.

Not sure exactly what you can ask the librarian for?  Click on the icon for some suggestions.


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