Grierson: A Natural History of Ireland

Pdf A Natural History of Ireland in Three Parts. Dublin: Grierson, 1726.
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The first part of this book looks at the wide range of biodiversity present in Ireland. It provides descriptions of ‘its hills, its woods, heaths, bogs.’ Not only that, it also goes into ‘its springs and fountains, brooks, rivers, loughs.’ It is written by Gerard Boate and also includes some pull-out elements.

Part two is a collection of papers of the Dublin Philosophical Society by William Molyeux, Samuel Foley, and St George Ashe; and part three is Thomas Molyneux’s theories of ‘Danish mounds’.

Boate was a physician to the English King in London during the 1630’s. He helped compiled evidence on Irish topography and resources, which were later published as The Natural History of Ireland (1652) by his friend Samuel Hartlib. The publication had a dedication to Lord Cromwell.

A Natural History of Ireland in Three Parts was heralded as being for the common good of Ireland and for the benefit of the adventurers and planters.

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