Otway: A Tour in Connaught

Pdf Otway, Ceasar. A Tour in Connaught: Comprising Sketches of Clonmacnoise, Joyce Country, and Achill. Dublin: William Curry, Jun. and Co., 1839.
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Caesar Otway (1780–1842) Protestant clergyman, travel writer, and antiquarian, was born in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary. In 1810 he graduated Trinity College, Dublin with holy orders, becoming a clergyman of the Church of Ireland. He worked as a parish clergyman for seventeen years before becoming assistant chaplain at the Magdalene Asylum in Dublin.

He was involved in the establishment of various journals during his lifetime, including The Christian Examiner and Church of Ireland Magazine (1825-1869) and Dublin Penny Journal (1832 - 1836). His religious writings were often evangelical in tendency and highly critical of the Catholic Church and faith. He was also the writer of a number of works based on his travels around Ireland, including Sketches in Ireland (1827), Sketches in Erris and Tyrawley and A Tour in Connaught (1839), in which he displays a great deal of humour and sympathy towards the poorer classes.

Along with his other two works on the subject, A Tour in Connaught was to draw attention to many beautiful localities rarely visited, as well as containing descriptions of places such as Achill, Clonmacnoise and Croagh Patrick. Written in a gentle and cheerful manner, it displays a keen appreciation of the picturesque.

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