Burton: The History of the Kingdom of Ireland

Pdf Burton, Richard. The History of the Kingdom of Ireland. Westminster: W. Smith & Co., 1811.
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Richard (or Robert) Burton was the pseudonym of Nathaniel Crouch (c.1640–1725?), an English publisher, bookseller and writer. Crouch’s writings, focusing on history and divinity, sought to present simplified versions of important works to people who would otherwise have never read them.

Given that he was not a historian and that he generally compiled his histories himself, his works were prone to inaccuracies. However he published extensively and cheaply for a growing literary market among the less educated social groups in England. His publications included England's Monarchs (1685), The History of the Kingdoms of Scotland and Ireland (1686), A View of the English Acquisitions in Guinea and the East Indies (1687), The History of Oliver Cromwell (1693), The History of the Principality of Wales (1695), and The History of Scotland (1696). Each book sold for just one shilling. His publications were very popular however resulting in him becoming a prosperous individual.

His History of the Kingdom of Ireland (1693) offers an example of what would have been a popular account of Irish history among the less educated social groups of the late 17th Century.

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