Crawford: History of Ireland

Pdf Crawford, William. A history of Ireland from the earliest period to the present time in a series of letters addressed to William Hamilton, Volume I. Strabane: John Bellow, 1783
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William Crawford (1740?-1800) was born in Crumlin, Co. Antrim. He studied at Glasgow University and was ordained as minister of the Presbyterian congregation at Strabane, Co. Tyrone. He was involved in the Volunteer movement which initially began in 1778 as a defence force against French invasion but had since started to push for reform of Irish parliament, making it more responsive to the needs and demands of the country.

Crawford became chaplain to the 1st Tyrone Regiment of Volunteers. He was a Strabane representative at the Dungannon Volunteer Convention of February 1782 where a series of resolutions were passed calling for reform as well as welcoming the recent enactment of moves towards Catholic emancipation.

A renowned historian, his most famous work is his History of Ireland (2 Vols, 1783) which is presented as a series of letters to William Hamilton. The volume continues to hold value, particularly for its extensive list of subscribers, as well as for its account of various Protestant societies in the north at the time, including Oakboys, Steelboys, and Volunteers.

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