Special Courts - Alledged Larceny ; Soldiers Charged with Larceny

The Waterford News - 18th of February 1916, Page 2 (Last Edition)

Special Courts - Alledged Larceny ; Soldiers Charged with Larceny
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Alleged Larceny

Soldiers Charged with Desertion

At a special court held on Sunday before Alderman Ward a man named James Carroll was brought up in custody charged with having on Saturday, at the North Wharf, stolen a timber grab, the property of Matthew Cassin and value for over 5s., and also a buffer casing and a buffer spring, the property of the G.S. and W.R. and value for over 5s.
Sergeant Rowan, Ferrybank Station, deposed :--"On Saturday, 12th February, at about 3.45 p.m., I found on the public road at the North Wharf a bay containing a buffer casing and buffer spring, and also a timber grab and a bar of iron. Believing them to be stolen, I placed a constable in charge of them. At about 5 p.m., in consequence of a communication made to me by the constable, I asked the defendant, who was on the spot at the time, if he knew anything about them. He said that some of them belonged to Matthew Cassin. I asked Him who the others belonged to and who put them there. He said, 'I took them to get the price of my allowance.’ I then arrested the defendant and cautioned him, and he said to give him a chance, that a man in drink and hungry would do anything, and that if let off he would steal no more.
On the application of the sergeant the accused was remanded for eight days.
At a special court held on Saturday evening before Alderman Ward Constable Minihan charged Michael Walsh with having on the 4th February absented himself without leave from the 121st Battery R.F.A.. stationed in France.
The Constable deposed to the arrest of the defendant at Philip street on Saturday morning. He made no statement.
Defendant was remanded for a military escort.
At another special court held before the same magistrate on Sunday Jas. Hunt was charged with absenting himself without leave from the 3rd Battalion of the Leinster Regiment, Stationed at Cork, on the 31st ult.
Sergeant Baldwin deposed to the arrest, and the defendant was remanded pending the arrival of a military escort.

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