Ballymackey Estate

Both Jane and her husband died young and Henry Cole Bowen was heir to the Tipperary and Cork estates by the time he was only a year old.

He eventually succeeded to the estates when he was twenty-four years old. He was responsible for the completion of the mansion, Bowen's Court near Doneraile.

After his death in 1788, his son Henry Cole Bowen succeeded and he in turn married Catherine Prittie, Kilboy House, Co. Tipperary. There were no children from this marriage and so the estate passed to one of his brothers, Robert Cole.

The lands of Ballymackey continued to pass from generation to generation and were always valuable source of income to supplement the smaller Cork estate.

In 1863 the Ballymackey estate covered an area of 4,884 acres, with Robert Cole Bowen occupying 527 acres for his personal use.


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