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Launch of the Waterdrop

Environmental Services


Stop running water. We all need to use 10% less water or we could all run into trouble.

Environmental Services in South Dublin County Council lauched the waterdrop video aimed at getting everyone to use less water. Waterdrop was launched on the a 06/07/11 in the County Library Tallaght by Mayor Cllr. Caitriona Jones, Waterdrop who was a special guest and star of the video  also attended, see picture.

To view the video please click on link



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'Blooming Amazing! Our School Garden', by St Thomas' SNS, Jobstown


Congratulations to St Thomas' SNS, Jobstown, Tallaght, who was one of the overall prizewinners for the 'ENFO Showcase Your Place' competition with their short film 'Blooming Amazing! Our School Garden'. 

Master Composter Programme!

Want to make a difference in your community?...

Want to help protect our environment?...

Want to learn how to save money?....

Want to meet like-minded people and have fun?..., then


Join the Master Composter Programme!


South Dublin County Council and Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council with funding from the EPA will launch a Master Composter Programme in Dublin this spring. Master Composters are community volunteers who promote food & garden waste prevention and encourage people to compost at home. All of this saves money while improving our environment. We are looking for 30 dedicated volunteers to join us for this exciting new initiative.



What do you get?

International home composting expert, Craig Benton, known as Doctor Compost, will lead an action packed and exciting hands-on training program over four evening workshops and three weekend field days (see details of the training programme below). From this training you will learn about how waste is managed in Ireland, how to prevent garden and food waste and how to compost using at least six different composting systems. As a part of the training, we will build a home composting demonstration site that can be used to show people the various methods of composting and how to use compost around the garden. All volunteers successfully completing the training will receive a free composting bin and pitch fork.



  Master Composter Volunteer Training Programme



Evening 1:     6pm – 8.30pm          April 14th      Ballyroan Community and Youth Centre

·          Introductions, review training agenda and schedule, and goal setting

·          Solid waste management overview presentation and discussion

·          Food waste prevention techniques presentation and brainstorming

·          Garden waste prevention tips & grasscycling presentation and brainstorming



Field day 1:   10am – 4pm              April 16th        Airfield city farm Dundrum

·          Build a demonstration site with all food and garden composting systems



Evening 2:     6pm – 8.30pm          April 21st          Ballyroan Community and Youth Centre

·          Biology of composting presentation and discussion

·          Garden material composting (mulching, holding units, turning systems) presentation and troubleshooting discussion



Evening  3:    6pm – 8.30pm          April 28th        Ballyroan Community and Youth Centre

·          Food composting techniques (burial, food digesters, vermicomposting and composting with garden materials) presentation and troubleshooting discussion

·          Benefits of using compost/mulch and how to use compost around the home



Field day 2:   10am-4pm                May 7th           Airfield city farm Dundrum

Hands-on workshop to learn how to compost using all systems at the demonstration site



Evening  4:    6pm – 8.30pm          May 12th           Ballyroan Community and Youth Centre


·          Outreach possibilities presentation and brainstorm

·          Promoting outreach activities presentation and brainstorm

·          Developing individual and group outreach plans    



Field day 3:   10am-4pm                June 11th        Airfield city farm Dundrum

Grand Opening/Open House at demonstration site with on-going tours, presentations and hands-on workshops throughout the day for the general public so volunteers can practice outreach methods. 



What’s expected in return?

After the training, volunteers are expected to contribute at least 30 hours of outreach time within the following year. We’ll make this easy for you! At the end of the training, volunteers will create their own outreach plan working individually or with other volunteers to get the word out to the community. In other words, Master Composters can choose what kind of outreach they will do. They can work with school children, within your neighbourhood or church, or be available to support the programme’s participation in community events, fairs or festivals.


Master Composters will have access to a variety of educational tools to help them with their community outreach, including:

·          a home composting demonstration site

·          an outreach slide show detailing the why, what and how of waste prevention and home composting, plus tools and bins for hands-on workshops

·          a series of “how to” brochures

·          a portable display to attract attention

·          an extensive website with all relevant information, ideas, plans, methods plus a member area where Master Composters can share experiences and support one another.


South Dublin County Council and Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council as well as project team staff will be there to coordinate and support volunteer outreach efforts and activities as needed. 


One of the benefits of the programme is the opportunity to meet like-minded people and have fun making a difference in your community. You will feel good as you help people save money and do the right thing for our environment.


So join us! Simply call Sorcha O Brien, Environmental Awareness Officer with South Dublin County Council at 01 4149000 ext 4288 or Kate Hynes, Environmental Awareness Officer with Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council at 01 2054344. Don’t delay, there are limited places for this very popular programme.


ENFOpoint at the County Library Tallaght

ENFOpoint is a new service which allows access to a wide range of local national and international environmental information from your local library.

Four libraries in Ireland including the County Library in Tallaght have been selected to take part in the pilot project promoting and providing environmental information through public libraries. The ENFOpoint in the County Library includes a dedicated touch screen computer, books on the environment and leaflets. The ENFOpoint touchscreen computer provides access to the ENFO website and to many websites relating to the environment.

Throughout the year the County Library will host  a programme of talks exhibitons and workshops focusing on environmental issues

Eanna Ní Lamhna launches ENFOpoint at the County Library Tallaght 16th November

Annette Kelly Assistant Director of the Library Council, Eanna Ni Lamhna and County Librarian Georgina Byrne at the official Launch of ENFOpoint in the County Library Tallaght
Copyright South Dublin Libraries, Paul Cronin

ENFOpoint was launched in the County Library in Tallaght on the 16th of November. The County Librarian of South Dublin Libraries Georgina Byrne introduced Eanna N í Lamhna who officially launched the ENFOpoint

Fourth class students from St Killian's S.N.S in Kingswood, Tallaght attended the launch and also a workshop on the environment afterwards given by Eanna Ní Lamhna

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