Parks are a very important part of the landscape of South Dublin as it is largely an urban area. They provide habitats for many types of wildlife as well as giving residents and visitors to the county an opportunity to see nature first hand.

There are over 50 neighbourhood parks in South Dublin County. Several of them are very big parks such as Corkagh in Clondalkin and Tymon in Tallaght/Templeogue . There are also many great smaller parks such as Rathcoole, Sean Walsh Park, Griffeen Park, Kiltalwn, Vesey  and St Enda’s park in Rathfarnham.

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i walks

Connect i walks
South Dublin County Council

A new initiative called iwalks has been developed which involves being able to download a guided tour of selected parks in South Dublin onto your ipod or mp3 player.

Tours available to date include

Corkagh Park

Dodder Valley Park

Griffeen Park

 There are also maps available to download from the link below,


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