Sustainable Energy in South Dublin

Rapeseed Oil Project, Grange, Clondalkin

A pilot project is underway in South Dublin in which a rapeseed crop has been grown and harvested to be converted into bio fuel. The crop was grown on land set aside for future housing in Grange beside Corcagh Park and the project called "Fields of Gold" is being run by South Dublin County Council


Some of the aims of the project include raising public awareness of renewable energy and showing how much land is needed to grow a crop that will fuel a vehicle for a year. It was estimated that 8 000-9 000 litres of bio fuel can be produced from the 15 acre site . The average family car uses about 800 litres of fuel a year


A local grower of rapeseed was contracted to grow, maintain and harvest the crop. This will be processed into fuel and used to run some specially converted County Council vehicles


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