Main Gates

Main Gates

The main gates of the estate connect it to Inistioge village. They also date from the 18th Century. The main gate piers are made of granite with a pedestrian gate at either side. The gate opening is 3.2M wide and the piers are 3m high. Each pillar is surmounted by a carved wolf head with a plain collar: the wolf head is a feature of the Tighe family crest. The two main gates also survive. They are 1.7m x 2.6m in size. The pedestrian gates are 1.8m wide in width and the iron gates still survive.


Gate Lodge

The Lodge House probably dates from the late 18th Century. The building is also faced with granite with a three bay one storey front. The side bays have long rectangular windows. The roof is hipped with narrow eaves. It is roofed with blue Bangor slate and crowned with a single chimneystack. The lodge has its own small neat garden.

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