Munition Making in Ireland

The Waterford News - 22nd of October 1915, Page 5

Munition Making in Ireland
Courtesy of The Waterford News

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Speaking at a convention of the United Irish League held in Dublin this week,Mr. John Redmond said that munition factories had been established in Dublin and Belfast and in other towns where machinery was available it was being used. Considerable contracts, he added, already been placed, and work was commenced in Belfast, Derry, Newry, Wicklow, Wexford Waterford, Cork, Haulbowline, Limerick, and a small beginning had been made in Sligo. It was hoped that approximately 11,000 workers -- 6,000 in the North and 5,000 in the South -- would be employed in the next few weeks making munitions of war in Ireland. As far as Waterford is concerned we understand that a contract for the making of munitions has been placed with Messrs. Thompson and Son, Neptune Iron Works. Messrs. Thompson had a considerable amount of machinery on their premises, and other machines suitable for manufacture of munitions have been placed at, their disposal by firms who could spare them. Messrs. Thompson expect to be fully at work on the contract in a short time. When the factory

is working at full swing a good deal of employment should be given. It would remind one of the good old days, when shipbuilding was at its height in Waterford, to see a couple of hundred workmen coming from the Neptune Works.

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